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The Windows Forms Designer is used in designing .NET applications. Select form the following options:

Use Smart Tags

Smart Tags are shortcuts for certain properties and events. For example, given a List Box control, selecting the “Edit items” tag is much the same to press the ellipsis (…) button on property “Items”. The “Edit items” tag is the Smart Tag.

Enable in-place editing of ToolStrips

Toolstrips are special controls are toolbars that can host menus, controls, and user controls in your Windows Forms applications

Automatically open Smart Tags

The Windows Forms designer allows developers to perform common tasks and edit common properties directly from the design surface.

When a control is selected or when the mouse hovers over a control's surface, a smart tag anchor is shown. Clicking this opens a panel containing common control properties and tasks that developers can perform without writing a single line of code. The smart tag allows the creation and selection of a data source without leaving the designer.

Use optimized code generation

Optimizing code generation can result in a more efficient link, but may disable some debugger features.

Insert “TODO” comment in new event handlers

An event handler is a procedure in your code that determines what actions are performed when an event occurs, such as when the user clicks a button or a message queue receives a message. When an event is raised, the event handler or handlers that receive the event are executed. Events can be assigned to multiple handlers, and the methods that handle particular events can be changed dynamically. This option places a “TODO” comment in event handlers that have not be created yet.

Activate the designer after file opening

When this setting is on, the Windows Forms Designer will automatically open a valid source file into the Designer from the Properties Pad. This is similar to clicking on the Design tab. This option should be turned off for larger projects in order to increase the initial project load time.

Sort properties alphabetically

Check this option to sort the properties dialog alphabetically by default.

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