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The Clarion Structure Designer offers two ways to position and align your controls, using either Lines or the Grid.

Snap to Grid

Determines whether the Window Designer will snap the controls to the grid. The resizing and movement of controls on the designer are constrained to the Grid Width and Grid Height when this feature is turned on. Having Snap to Grid turned on makes it easier to line up the various aspects of the user interface precisely, but limits the freedom with which one can place controls.

Snap Lines

Aligning controls relative to each other in a form has always been a challenge. Snap lines are a new feature that give you visual suggestions to help you more easily place and size controls relative to each other. Snap lines appear when controls are dragged from the Toolbox or moved around the Window designer area. The advantage of snap lines is that you are given guidance on not only alignment, but also proximity. Not only can you line up the bottom border of a Prompt and Entry control, but you can also manage the distance between them to create a consistent aesthetically pleasing look.

Grid Width

Enter the horizontal distance between the grid dots (x axis). This is the minimum horizontal distance you can move a control when grid snap is on.

Grid Height

Enter the vertical distance between the grid dots (y axis). This is the minimum vertical distance you can move a control when grid snap is on.

Show Grid

Check this box to automatically display the grid in the Designer work area.

Snap to Grid

Check this box to turn grid snap on; uncheck it to turn it off. Grid snap displays a dot grid of valid positioning coordinates and forces the upper left corner of new controls to align with the dot grid. The end user does not see the grid at run time; it is a design tool only.

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