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Subversion is a Version Control whose interface is easily integrated into Clarion Win32 and Clarion#.

The options in this window control its basic default settings.

The GUI Interface to Subversion is called TortoiseSVN and can be found at the following link:

More information regarding Subversion can be found at the following link:

This dialog provides support for the following Subversion options:

·Automatically Add New files

·Automatically Delete removed files

·Rename files inside Subversion (keeps history)

·Re-load Project after changes to Project file(s)

·Show History tab for Files under Version Control

IDE support for Subversion

There is a new Binary File auto-export/import configuration dialog located in Tools > Options > General. It's function is to monitor dictionaries accessed in the IDE and Import/export them to text format. Using Version Control, one user can make changes to a shared dictionary. The next user that opens the dictionary will import and synchronize any changes applied.

The popup menus on the project pad have changed to include Subversion options if you have a Clarion for Windows project checked into SVN.


You can add the dictionary (DCT) file as a solution item. This gives you easy access to a dictionary used in a solution by simply double clicking on the DCT file in the solution pad. You can also access all the Subversion support for the DCT via the context menu in the solution pad.

There is also a History tab that appears at the bottom of the Dictionary Explorer window if you have the text version of the DCT checked into SVN.

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