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Template Wizards are the most powerful design tool within the Application Generator. Here, you can select a base procedure (Browse, Form, Report, etc.) or a whole application, and then fine tune the wizard prompts and options to produce a near perfect application or procedure that fits your specifications.

See Template Wizards for more detailed information.


The Defaults tab allows you to select from a wide variety of pre-defined structures and functionality. Based on the type of default you select, the template procedure associated with it is automatically attached upon your selection.


This dialog lets you choose a procedure template, adding functionality to any new or “To Do” procedure in the Application Tree .

CLICK on a procedure template from the list, then press the Select button. Once you select a procedure type, you can customize it using its Procedure Properties dialog.

If you add third party, or your own customized templates to the Template Registry, they appear in the list. The following lists the procedure templates which ship with Clarion:

BrowseProcedure_PropertiesWindow | Browse fields in a page-loaded list box. | | ExternalTPLProcExternal | A procedure contained in an external library (*.LIB only) or object file | | FormTPLProcForm | View/edit a single record from file | | ViewOnlyForm | View a record from a file | | FrameTPLProcFrame | Multiple Document Interface (MDI) main menu | | MenuProcedure_PropertiesWindow Single Document Interface (SDI) menu
ProcessTPLProcProcess Sequential record (batch) processor
ReportTPLProcReport Generic reporting procedure
SourceTPLProcSource Source procedure–add hand coded source to your application
SplashTPLProcSplash Display a splash screen
ViewerTPLProcViewer View an ASCII text file
WindowProcedure_Properties__Window Generic window handler
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