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A Utility template lets you produce output from your application. These templates can provide extensible supplemental utilities for such things as wizards, program documentation, or a tree diagram of procedure calls.

Highlight the desired utility template, then press the Select button.

Clarion provides WIZARDS–powerful utility templates that let you create a Browse, Form, or Report procedure by answering a few quick questions. You can even use a wizard to create an entire Application from an existing dictionary!

Options you specify in advance in the Data Dictionary provide additional control over the procedures the wizards create. See Using Wizard Options for more information.

Application WizardTPLWizardApplication Creates a complete application from an existing dictionary.
Browse WizardTPLWizardBrowse Creates a multi-keyed browse procedure from an existing dictionary table.
Dictionary Print Wizard Prints information from your data dictionary, from full detail to high level summary.
Form WizardTPLWizardForm Creates an update procedure from an existing dictionary table.
Label WizardTPLWizardLabel Creates a label style report procedure from an existing dictionary table.
Process WizardTPLWizardProcess Creates a process procedure from an existing dictionary table.
Quick Start Wizard Creates a Data Dictionary and an application based on the dictionary.
Report WizardTPLWizardReport Creates multi-keyed report procedures from an existing dictionary table.
Theme Maintenance Wizard Allows you to create and maintain wizard themes, which are used as design criteria for the look and functions of the template wizards.
Window WizardTPLWizardWindow Creates a generic window procedure.
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