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The Sort Order Drop List control template is designed to provide a Drop List control that is the central sort order control of a target browse box. At runtime, the tab controls (and optionally, the sheet control) are hidden, and the drop list displays a list of sort order selections.


As you initially populate the Drop List control, press Cancel when the Field Selection Dialog is displayed. Press the No Button when you are asked to Save Properties in the List Box Formatter. The template will automatically populate the drop list box with sort order choices. The only required prompts are described below.

Another tip; when you populate the drop list, make sure that it is not placed on a tab control, but rather, on the window itself. This will make it visible for all sort choices. You can verify this in the Window Designer's Property Editor.

Sheet Control Select the Sheet control that contains the tab controls that control the browse box sort orders. Each tab control represents a different browse sorting sequence. The default sheet control Field Equate Label is ?CurrentTab, but you can select any valid sheet control in the drop list provided.
Hide Sheet Check this box to hide the sheet (and associated tab controls) that you selected from the Sheet Control prompt.
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