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DROP [ ( scope ) ]


DROP Creates a droplist of items.
Scope A string constant or expression containing the items for the list. Each item must be delimited by the vertical bar () character.

The DROP type in a #PROMPT statement indicates the prompt's symbol must contain one item from the list specified in the scope parameter.

The scope parameter must contain all the items for the list. The scope may optionally contain text in square brackets following each choice that specifies the value to assign to the #PROMPT's symbol. This is useful for internationalization.

The list of items drops down just like a Clarion language LIST control with the DROP attribute. If no default value is specified, the prompt's symbol defaults to the first value in the scope list.


#PROMPT('If file not found',DROP('Create the file|Halt Program')),%FileNotFound

#PROMPT('Que es esto?',DROP('Nombre[Name]|Numero[Number]')),%WhatIsThis

 #!“Name” is the value put in %WhatIsThis when the user chooses “Nombre”

 #!“Number” is the value put in %WhatIsThis when the user chooses “Numero”

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