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EDIT( [, <;size> ] )


EDIT Specifies a single line TEXT control
Size Any valid expression which must evaluate to an integer value. Optionally defines the maximum size of the string assigned to the template symbol

The EDIT type in a #PROMPT statement indicates the prompt is used to specify a single line TEXT control. Actually, this type of prompt creates three 3 controls on the dialog:

- A prompt with text specified by the #PROMPT string

- A single line TEXT control

- A button to the right from the TEXT control. This button invokes the #GROUP specified in the WHENACCEPTED attribute. If the WHENACCEPTED attribute is omitted, the button is disabled.

The EDIT type keyword may also have an optional size parameter. It specifies the maximum size of the string which may be assigned to the #PROMPT symbol. If size is missing or its value is less than 2, the default value of 64000 is used.

If the WHENACCEPTED attribute is not present in the prompt definition, the EDIT button is disabled and the prompt operates just like a string prompt.


#PROMPT('LIST Line Height:',EDIT),%InterLine,DEFAULT(0),WHENACCEPTED(%SVExpresionEditor(%InterLine))
#PROMPT('&amp;Passed Parameters',EDIT(1024)),%PassedParameters,WHENACCEPTED(%SVExpresionEditor(%PassedParameters))

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