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TIP( string )


TIP Specifies the text to display when the mouse cursor pauses over the control.
string A string constant or expression that specifies the text to display and how the text is formatted (single or multi-line TIP).

The TIP attribute (PROP:Tip) on a control specifies the text to display in a “balloon help” box when the mouse cursor pauses over the control. Although there is no specific limit on the number of characters, the string (or any single line of a multi-line TIP) should not be longer than can be displayed on the screen.

Multi-line tip conventions are as follows for both the TIP Attribute, TIP( ), or the TIP Property,{PROP:Tip}=:

All of the following will produce a two line TIP.

     'Line1'& CHR(10)&'Line2' !CHR(10) = Line Feed

     'Line1<;13,10>Line2'      !<;13,10> = Carriage Return, Line Feed

     'Line1<;10>Line2'         !<;10> = Line Feed

Although it is valid on any control that can gain focus for user input, this attribute is most commonly used on BUTTON controls with the ICON attribute that are placed on the TOOLBAR. This allows the user to quickly determine the control's purpose without accessing the on-line Help system.

Automatic TIP attribute display can be disabled for any single control or window by setting the PROP:NoTips undeclared property to one (1). It can be disabled for an entire application by setting the PROP:NoTips for the built-in variable SYSTEM to one (1).

The amount of tool tip delay is an operating system setting under the user's control.


Win WINDOW,AT(0,0,160,400)


     BUTTON('E&amp;xit'),USE(?MainExitButton),ICON(ICON:hand),TIP('Exit Window')

     BUTTON('&amp;Open'),USE(?OpenButton),ICON(ICON:Open),TIP('Open'<;10>'a File')!Multi-line TIP





See Also: TipDelay/TipDisplay, TipsFont, NoTips

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