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A property of the SYSTEM built-in variable that reads and writes the font settings for tooltips. This property is used in conjunction with PROP:FontName, PROP:FontSize, PROP:FontColor, and PROP:FontStyle. Tooltips use the default character set (a value of the SYSTEM{PROP:CharSet}).


If a theme is active for the program, the theme defined font is using to display tips. In this case, the TipsFont settings made using property assignments to SYSTEM are ignored in this case.


SYSTEM {PROP:FontName + PROP:TipsFont}  !set/get font's typeface

SYSTEM {PROP:FontSize + PROP:TipsFont}  !set/get font's size

SYSTEM {PROP:FontColor + PROP:TipsFont} !set/get font's color

SYSTEM {PROP:FontStyle + PROP:TipsFont} !set/get font's style

See Also: TIP, NoTips, TipDelay/TipDisplay

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