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UPDATE( [first control] [,last control] )


UPDATE Writes the contents of a control to its USE variable.
first control Field number or field equate label of a control, or the first control in a range of controls.
last control Field number or field equate label of the last control in a range of controls.

UPDATE writes the contents of a screen control to its USE variable. This takes the value displayed on screen and places it in the variable specified by the control's USE attribute.

USE variables are updated automatically by ACCEPT as each control is accepted. However, certain events (such as an ALERTed key press) do not automatically update USE variables. This is the purpose of the UPDATE statement.

UPDATE Updates all controls on the screen.
UPDATE(first control) Updates a specific USE variable from its associated screen control.
UPDATE(first control,last control) Updates the USE variables of an inclusive range of screen controls.


UPDATE(?)             !Update the currently selected control

UPDATE                !Update all controls on the screen

UPDATE(?Address)      !Update the address control

UPDATE(3,7)           !Update controls 3 through 7

UPDATE(?Name,?Zip)    !Update controls from name through zip

UPDATE(?City,?City+2) !Update city and 2 controls following

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