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This Extension template adds functionality to a Form procedure by enabling navigation and field history with the FrameBrowseControl VCR buttons. See FrameBrowseControl for more information on these buttons and their operation.

Essentially, the FormVCRControls Extension provides a “scrolling” Form. You can display, add, delete, or edit many records without returning to the calling Browse to select a new record. However, the keys and filters implemented in the calling Browse procedure do control the navigation of the Form. For example, you can only navigate to records that meet the Browse range limit and filter conditions, and when you navigate to the “next” or “previous” record, the Browse key determines the sequence in which the records appear.

For Form procedures generated by the Application Wizard, if the Form procedure also contains a BrowseBox, the FrameBrowseControl buttons control the Form when the “form” tab is selected, and they control the BrowseBox when the “browsebox” tab is selected. See also SetToolbarTarget code template.

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