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The CallABCMethod template generates code to call an ABC Library object method. This template generates code similar to the following:

Default:City = INIMgr.Fetch('Preferences','City')

Object Name

Select the label of the object from the list. The list contains all ABC compliant objects in scope for this procedure.

Method to Call

Select the method to call from the drop-down list. Scroll the list horizontally or press the Application Builder Class Viewer button to see all the method parameters and return values.

Passed Parameters

Type the parameter list to pass. Enclose the parameters in parenthese and separate them with commas. The parameters may be literal values, expressions, or variable names. Press the E button to call the Expression Editor. This dialog is used to help you construct syntactically correct expressions to use in the Passed Parameters prompt.

Return Value Assignment

Type the variable to receive the called method's return value. This field is only available for methods that return a value.

Application Builder Class Viewer

Press this button to display classes, properties, and methods used by the ABC Templates, and the relationships between parent and derived (child) classes. This utility can help you analyze and understand the classes that the ABC Templates use.

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