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Lets you edit settings for your TOOLBAR.

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How to Add a Tool Bar


The Property View presents you with two ways to viewing a control's properties.

At the top of the Property View, press the categorized button categorized.jpg to view a control's properties by category (the deafult).

Or press the alphabetical button alphabetical.jpg to view a control's properties in alphabetical order.

This help documents displays the properties in the categorical view.


Enter a valid color equate in the TextColor or Background fields, or press the ellipsis (…) button to select a color from the Color dialog. The Window Designer adds the COLOR attribute to your control declaration.

See ..\LIBSRC\EQUATES.CLW for a list of valid color equates. See Windows Design Issues in the User's Guide for a discussion on using color to enhance your application.


Locked “Freezes” the control so that subsequent data dictionary changes are not applied. You can override the #Freeze attribute for all controls or for individual controls. See Application Options.


Cursor The Cursor field (the CURSOR attribute) lets you specify an alternate shape for the cursor when the user passes the cursor over the control. The drop-down list provides standard cursor choices such as I-Beam and Crosshair. To select an external cursor file (whose extension must be .CUR), choose Select File from the drop-down list, then pick the file using the standard file dialog.
Layout Indicates the orientation of the control. Left to Right maintains the original layout specified in the Window Designer. Right to Left essentially “flips” the controls' display as a mirror image of the layout specified in the Window Designer. Default field navigation moves from right to left. The setting in the Application Frame will cascade its setting to all child windows and controls that have the default setting active.
NoMerge Specifies not to merge an MDI tool bar into an application frame tool bar at run time.
TextFont Calls the Select Font dialog which lets you select the font (typeface), size, style (such as bold or italic), color, and font effects (underline and strikeout) for the selected control or window. As you choose options, the dialog box displays a sample of the selected font.
Use This defines the USE attribute for the control. Type a field equate label to reference the control in executable code, or the name of a variable.
Wallpaper-BackgroundImage To provide a background image for the window's client area, specify an image filename. Type the filename or press the ellipsis button (…) to select a file. See WALLPAPER in the Language Reference.
Mode Specify how the window displays the background image. Choose from:
Stretched The image expands to fill the entire client area.
Centered The image displays at its default size and is centered in the window's client area.
Tiled The image displays at its default size and is repeated so it fills the entire client area.


Lets you set the size of the toolbar. The toolbar is always located at the upper left corner of the window, that is, any X and Y coordinates are ignored.

The Position tab lets you specify the AT attribute. Filling in the attribute manually is optional–you may set the height visually by dragging with the mouse in the Window Designer.

To set the toolbar's size, choose from the following options for Width and Height.

Default The Clarion runtime library determines the size of the toolbar, about twice the height of the window's title bar and the full width of the window.
Value Lets you set a precise width or height in Dialog units.

If the toolbar's width is less than the width of the window, the Window Designer displays a full width toolbar to remind you that the “unused” space to the right of the toolbar may be used when merging toolbars.

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