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SETNULLS(table, null-value)


SETNULLS Set NULL state of columns in a table.
table The label of a FILE.
null-value Null “value” to assign to the table.

SETNULLS sets the NULL state of every column in the table based on the contents of the passed string. The passed string must be obtained from a prior call to GETNULLS. This function is valid on all SQL table types.

Errors Posted:

75 Invalid Column Type Descriptor ' Indicating that the passed string was too small.
80 Function Not Supported


StorageString STRING(255)

Rec           STRING(2048)


 StorageString = GETNULLS(table)  !Get NULL state of table

 Rec = table.record               !Save record buffer

 ! Do Table Processing

 Table.Record = Rec               !Restore record buffer

SETNULLS(table, StorageString)   !Set NULL state of table columns

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