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PTSS 41119: Issue with copy/paste global app data 

CHANGE: Updated the text on the settings to reflect that the setting now affect the Read Only Projects and Solution
CHANGE: Added setting to do not try to stop the CCC.EXE process before build

FIX: Adding global data from anywhere other than the main Procedure tree failed and created invalid entries in the datalist
FIX: Saving a ReadOnly solution was showing a message when the setting was to not show the message.
FIX: IDE registration could fail if user changed the OS default regional setting
FIX: In the generated Manifest the x86 was not the correct case and was not showing the correct Clarion version
FIX: If you had a relationship between two aliases of the same table, then you could not add one of the aliases as the child of the other alias in the data pad.
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