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Release Notes: C7.3.7949 – Fixes/Features/Changes

CHANGE: Application TXA Export execution now waits until the file has completed generation to finish
CHANGE: Application TXA Export now generates an intermediate tmp file that after completely generated is renamed with the target name
CHANGE: Auto Export Binary to text now executes on the open application
CHANGE: Avoid repeated calls to refresh the IDE statusbar with the same message.
CHANGE: Report PreviewWindow WINDOW: Make buttons flat and resized the toolbar, added FEQs to some items
CHANGE: Request to widen the ZOOM drop list

FIX: An exception was sometimes thrown on terminating the IDE if you closed the IDE after closing an app and you had auto-export of app to text enabled for that app
FIX: AppGen could crash when doing an automated export of the app to text and at the same time trying to open an app
FIX: Having AutoExport on an application could GPF on closing the app
FIX: IPServer.TPL had wrong #Project for IPDCTxx.lib
FIX: RW: problem related to accessing TOPSPEED files via ODBC
FIX: RW: path to superfile TPS files wasn't processed correctly
FIX: Tab Order Assistant was not resizing properly and not always showing the scrollbars
FIX: Edit File using alternate red file did not work if the version was set to a version other than current
FIX: Title bar was not always being updated

PTSS 34061: Error(2) File not Found error using wizard on Vista and Win7
PTSS 34353: RW: Tabular Wizard overlaps controls 
PTSS 34639 problem using expressions that require use either functions that take no parameters (built-in or external)         - not reproduced
PTSS 34670: Columns that contain underscore in DCT is populated on report with double quotes                                        
PTSS 34688: TXR Conversion loses Runtime Filter - see Filter in File Schemantic dialog
PTSS 34769: Unhelpful Error messages on TXR conversion
PTSS 34866 "Select File" list to add a table to the schematic is not in alpha order  
PTSS 34875: Can the File Schematic window be sorted?
PTSS 35052: TXR Conversion - Paper Size, Currency, Formula error
PTSS 35055: Performance Issues in RW7 using tps files - loosing of filter - fixed. 
PTSS 35515: C6 TXR with path of an image that does not exist on computer will not convert to the c7 library                       
PTSS 35844: RW: does not present Binary Image data from a Binary Memo 
PTSS 35845: TXR conversion loses Sort Order - see Order in File Schemantic dialog
PTSS 36236: In Edit Path dialogue, Store As Relative does not seem to be working - not reproduced
PTSS 36507: RW: Toolbar Settings and Customisation doesn't work
PTSS 36665: converting txr incorrect bandtype
PTSS 36743: Please make ZOOM Pull down wider 
PTSS 36744: Report Writer does not find file in single TABLE in a .tps FILE containing multiple tables                               
PTSS 37284: Script not working on calculated field
PTSS 37381: Version Resource FILEVERSION not working (cascading) properly 
PTSS 37464: Wrong parsing of procedure parameter prototypes when using CONST
PTSS 37495: GPF and AppCrash in IDE C73
PTSS 37522: svSpecialFolder compiler error 
PTSS 37528: Problem entering default icon when full path was specified (ABC/Clarion)
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