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– Clarion 11.1.13744 June 4, 2021 – Fixes/Changes/Features–/

Re-compilation of all program components is required

FEATURE: New public IRpt interface for callbacks invoked by the RTL during report generation
         When you implement the new IRpt interface the methods are automatically called by the RTL. 
         You can read about it in the 11.1 Help file, just type "IRpt" into the index.
         The interface is defined in the file ClaRptiface.Int located in the libsrc\win folder.

FEATURE: Improved lower level RTL support for AnyScreen
FEATURE: Added option in Tools-Options-Text Editor - "Max Search History" to set the number of enries saved in the search history.
         When the maximum is reached the IDE will remove the oldest item in the list.
FEATURE: Port the event handling implementation from C12 to avoid inter-thread SendMessage on execution of POST and NOTIFY
CHANGE: Support Ctrl-V to paste into ENTRY fields that have the PASSWORD attribute
CHANGE: IMDD template: fix typo/misspell in global prompt
CHANGE: Numbers for some PROPLIST:* properties changed because of clash with font properties
CHANGE: Extend the list of system colors available in the Color dialog
CHANGE: adjusted template text for Transaction Manager extension to make better use of the available window dimensions
CHANGE: New option in Tools-Options-IDE-Projects And Solutions "Omit Warnings for Read Only Access Denied Errors"
CHANGE: Make code to set/get RTF controls' properties more efficient
CHANGE: Renumber some properties to eliminate clashing ** IMPORTANT: All binaries must be re-compiled
CHANGE: Compiler: Update symbols for conditional compilation; _C111
FIX: EVENT:CloseDown could be internally posted in incorrect thread
FIX: If a control is CREATEd in the active MDI child window's toolbar, its view in the Frame might not be refreshed
FIX: Improve InMemoryCachedTable template to better work with MSSQL and for using Dictionary defined Memory Tables
FIX: Importing a whole module from TXA would duplicate the Module in the target app if the module already existed, instead of using the existing module.
FIX: Importing a procedure from another app that contains the same Global Extension that populates a Procedure Extension but the Global Extension are in different Order was creating Duplicate Procedure Extensions that could not be deleted.
FIX: Compiler: incorrect code could be generated for a BIND statement
FIX: Libraries were not correctly linked into a project if you were linking a lib in lib mode and you referenced the project for the lib rather than adding the lib as a library to a project
FIX: Opening a dct with fields derived from other fields would loose any changes made in the derived field
FIX: Possible GPF or deadly lock on execute of DESTROY
FIX: SELECT for tree Listboxes could work incorrectly
FIX: Compiler: Searching a CLASS's method by its identifier could give incorrect results if the method is declared in a parent CLASS
FIX: Setting of the PROP:FalseValue property to a check control was being handled incorrectly
FIX: The size of a field was not set correctly if a field was changed to be derived from a field which did have a size and the field originally did not have a size.  For example, changing from a LONG to being derived from a STRING(30)
FIX: The list of system colors labels was incorrect
FIX: The LOSEFOCUS event was not generated on switching to another application if the only window open was MDI frame
FIX: The template text for Transaction Manager extension incorrectly said to use ThisTransaction.Start(), whereas the correct method to call is ThisTransaction.Run(). 
FIX: The IDE could lock up when importing old apps
FIX: Values returned from calls to FIRSTFIELD and LASTFIELD could become wrong after DESTROY
FIX: Warning "Calling function as procedure" cancelled the call being made
PTSS 43130 FIX: Browse using local data declared inside a group with a prefix did not generate the correct code
PTSS 43138: FIX: If PROP:SQL is the first command used on a file that has a server side autoincrementing field, and the PROP:SQL did not retrieve that field, then ADD would not correctly exclude that field from the generated INSERT statement

AnyScreen v1.2 changelog

AnyScreen Server: 
  Feature: AnyScreen will attempt to get elevated rights and run without UAC turned off. There is still an option to turn UAC off in the NetManager diagnostic window if this feature fails on some systems.
AnyScreen HTML5 client: General
  FEATURE: Add client-side Enter instead of Tab feature
  FEATURE: Added AndroidTV support
  FEATURE: Added AndroidTV option in the settings
  FEATURE: Support redirectURL parameter (sets the page to redirect to after the app has exited)
  FIX: Add CSS class for Clarion named colors
  FIX: Add CSS classes to client interface
  FIX: Add button to install PWA shortcut
  FIX: Add class for timeout duration
  FIX: Add history state for open/close window (don't close app on back/foward button)
  FIX: Add redirect to home screen on logout
  FIX: Don't redirect to home on error
  FIX: Don't send EVENT:Accepted for disabled ENTRY
  FIX: Download and display icon for MessageBox
  FIX: Enable changes of client UI in manifest.json
  FIX: Execute resize after new CSS file applied
  FIX: Fix TIME formating (AM/PM issue for 12PM)
  FIX: Fix download issue with non-ASCII filenames
  FIX: Fix for changes in Chrome outline display
  FIX: Fix for newline chars in MESSAGE
  FIX: Fix format for pattern picture
  FIX: Fix formatting for blank values for @P
  FIX: Fix issue with date parsing (separator dash)
  FIX: Fix styling for focused controls
  FIX: Fixed navigation with keys for popup. Fixed scaling of html when in soft keyboard.
  FIX: Improve main menu behavior - open main menu with Alt key, auto-focus search field, open first filtered element with Enter key
  FIX: In case of killed session it will start app faster.
  FIX: Make B case-insensitive in time pictures
  FIX: Make download file case-insensitive
  FIX: Manifest can hide language option on login form
  FIX: Process NoWidth and NoHeight
  FIX: Send EVENT:GainFocus when focusing browser
  FIX: Support BSKey for locator
  FIX: Support DECIMAL align for STRING
  FIX: Support FILEDIALOG for multiple files
  FIX: Support MouseLeft2 alert key on controls
  FIX: Support PROPs for POPUP (font, size, color…)
  FIX: Support additional parameters in manifest
  FIX: Support arrow keys on POPUP
  FIX: Support for PROP:Touched
  FIX: Clicking listbox header will keep listbox selection
  FIX: Drag&drop operation on the listbox will properly assign values of PROP:MouseDownColumn, PROP:MouseUpColumn, PROP:MouseMoveColumn, PROP:MouseDownRow, PROP:MouseUpRow, PROP:MouseMoveRow
  FIX: Dropid will properly return value in the AnyScreen mode
  FIX: Fix actions on mdi toolbar buttons
  FIX: Fix lock when first window control is a text field
  FIX: Fix lock when first window control is check with skip attribute
  FIX: Fix lock when using prop:maximize command on the application frame
  FIX: Fix missing alert keys when clicking listbox header
  FIX: Fix problem parsing listbox data when ' sign is used in the column header text
  FIX: Fixed drag & drops on resume session
  FIX: Prompt control will properly display end of line characters
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Window
  FIX: Don't send events for blocked window
  FIX: Don't close window on Esc if it is alert key
  FIX: Validate required fields when clicking button
  FIX: Prevent drag of window title outside browser
  FIX: Fix tabbing for overriden toolbar controls
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Listbox
  FIX: Display default tip for LIST when needed
  FIX: Support control-level colors for LIST
  FIX: Support built-in icons in LIST
  FIX: Fix clicking for listbox (triple click)
  FIX: Fix indent for right aligned columns in LIST
  FIX: Fix display for multiline LIST
  FIX: Support scrolling LIST on touch-devices
  FIX: Fix LIST cut-off problem with stretching rows
  FIX: Support for header colors in LIST
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Droplist/DropCombo
  FIX: Support PgUp/Down/Home/End for DROPLIST/COMBO
  FIX: Combo control will autocomplete
  FIX: PROP:Touched support for combo control
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Sheet
  FIX: Support for icon on TAB
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Option / Radio
  FIX: Fix size for OPTION
  FIX: Display multiple spaces on RADIO
  FIX: Fix style for disabled radio button
  FIX: Support icon CSS-class for RADIO
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Button
  FIX: Display multiple spaces in BUTTON
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Prompt / String
  FIX: Disable line-wrap for SSTRING
  FIX: Support PROP:Angle for STRING
  FIX: Support fixed columns in listbox for the HTML5 client
  FIX: Better ANSI support
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Entry
  FEATURE: Entry contol will send event:newselection while typing if prop:imm is set
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Text
  FIX: Support UPR for TEXT
  FIX: Limit contents for TEXT without PROP:VScroll
  FIX: Support PROP:Boxed for TEXT
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Check
  FIX: Changed "Click to open address" to "Click to open"
  FIX: Add CSS class for icon to CHECK
  FIX: Display multiple spaces in CHECK control
  FIX: Fix POPUP submenu position near screen edges FIX: Changed "Click to open address" to "Click to open"
  FIX: Add CSS class for icon to CHECK
  FIX: Display multiple spaces in CHECK control
  FIX: Fix POPUP submenu position near screen edges
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Region
  FIX: Enable drag&drop for REGION
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Menu
  FIX: Add support for disabled MENU controls
  FIX: Support icon CSS class for menu items
  FIX: Add custom CSS class for main menu items
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Image
  FIX: Display disabled IMAGE controls grayscaled
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Progress
  FIX: Will properly read background color for the progress control
AnyScreen HTML5 client: Other
  FEATURE: Added AnyScreen:SetMaxUploadSizeFunction 
  FEATURE: Added new AnyScreen:SkipThread function 
  FEATURE: ALERT function support
  FEATURE: Add SetReportName and default report naming
  FEATURE: Add function AnyScreen:RequestFullScreen
  FEATURE: Added Compression = True parameter to the AnyScreen:DownloadFile function"
  FEATURE: Added return string for openurl and runonclient
  FEATURE: Added server and application manifest option in the NetSetup utility
  FEATURE: Added server and application CSS option in the NetSetup utility
  FEATURE: Client localization
  FEATURE: EVENT:GainFocus will be executed as EVENT:Accepted on the window in the AnyScreen mode
  FEATURE: New internal hooks implemented replacing builtins.clw overrides (Alert, mousex, mousey, select, start, presskey, press, halt, forwardkey,getposition, fontdialoga still remain in the builtins.clw file)
  FEATURE: OpenUrl function can now return string from the client
  FEATURE: Support HTML in image (extend SVG option)
  FIX: Add auto-reconnect and terminate message
  FIX: Add function AnyScreen:IsStandalone
  FIX: Fix issue with LIST (Tree and #num#)
  FIX: Fixed crash on unclipped message parameters"
  FIX: Html5 client sessions will provide external ip address in the netsetup
  FIX: Integrated listbox column template will properly scale columns on resize
  FIX: Limit reconnect retries to 30 seconds
  FIX: PROP:DragId and PROP:dropId will default to index 1 if omitted
  FIX: Support for header colors in list format
  FIX: Turned default trace off if trace= option is missing
  FIX: Corrected prototypes for UploadFile and GetServerAddress 
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