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Clarion 11.13198 Sept 21, 2018

FEATURE: DCT Editor Option (Tools->Options->Clarion->Dictionary Editor) new option to display the Parent Table next to a Derived column in the main list, so you can easily identify derived cloumns (and the table the column is derived from)
FEATURE: OpenFileViaRedirection Dialog now supports writing/pasting a Folder name instead of a file, and it will then open the regular OpenFile Dialog in that directory with the *.* filter selected.
CHANGE: DCT Editor: DCT Editor was slow on displaying Column information with Derived Columns if the Table have Aliases 
CHANGE: DCT Editor: show full Row selection on the Derived Columns List
CHANGE: A Solution with multiple Applications now gets loaded much faster than earlier Clarion versions. NOTE: Only ONE project with the name the same as the primary App/SLN should exist in the Solution (this would apply for the presence of an item with the same name but with a different file extension) 
CHANGE: DCT Conversion, when a new entry in the DCT Changes List is added now it is displayed scrolling the list to show the new entry
CHANGE: Now the DCT Conversion messages are added to the xlog to preserve the information
CHANGE: File and New Project dialogs are now resizable
CHANGE: Tabbed Options Dialogs are now resizable
FIX: Build and Run,and Debug Current Project, from the Solution Pad Context menu, and from the Project menu, were not working for the current project but were instead selecting the Startup Project. (EE only) NOTE: ONLY EE can build a single project, this function will build the whole solution and run the current project on PE.
FIX: DCT Editor was very slow on initial display of the Field/Column information for Columns defined as Derived Columns, if the Table also had Aliases
FIX: IPDriver template was not copying the LibreSSL files to the target directory
FIX: New Procedure Template dialog was not showing the Tabs for other Template types (it just showed the Wizard templates Tab)
FIX: PTSS 42470: Typo in the ADO class "Case" structure 
FIX: Presence of a Procedure local MAP structure made the label prefix incorrect
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