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/— Clarion 10.12341 — 09/20/16 —– Fixes/Changes/Features–/

REGRESSION from build 12286:  The SQL drivers would cause errors to be generated if there was a DECIMAL field in the file structure that was smaller than the definition in the SQL database.

CHANGE: H5: Now when a control has the option to forward the click to other control, also has the option to hide the original control (Ie: inline buttons, lookups, hyperlinks) "Hide original control?"

FIX: H5: Form Client side validation was not working as expected when the Table Layout was used.
PTSS 42265: H5 Big Memo - Request Syntax error - when run from external ip 
FIX: H5: Appbroker: When connected with some mobile browsers and working with very large memo content the headers could be different than expected and the broker will return error 499
FIX: H5: Incorrect attribute to the template added css files
CHANGE: H5: Added Global Extra DatetimePicker Format to add DateTime Picker formating globally
CHANGE: H5: Added global option to Add support for international format for the DatetimePicker 
FIX: H5: Prompts were generated using explicit color black.
FIX: H5: Incorrect value for conditional in creation of Form_Group for TableLayout
FIX: H5: regression submenu was not initialized
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