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The MenuStyle Manager class is designed to provide a simple interface to the XP Visual Styles currently available for standard menus.

MenuStyleManager Class Concepts

Many of the methods used here refer to menu coloring and gradients. A gradient is defined as a gradual progression of colors from a starting color to an ending color. Gradients can be applied in a horizontal or vertical direction over a given area.

There are also Menu Parts referenced within several of these methods. There are eight components of any MENUBAR structure, and each is described in the appropriate method where referenced.

Colors used in the MenuStyleManager are 32-bit, providing up to 4294967296 different color types.

Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

The MenuStyleManager class works independently of all other ABC classes.

Template Implementation

The MenuStyleManager class is supported by the core templates in the Global Properties App Settings. This template instantiates an object based on a default MenuStyleMgr object name. The object is instantiated in the procedure where the application's main Frame exists.

MenuStyleManager Source Files

The MenuStyleManager class declarations are installed by default to the Clarion \LIBSRC folder. The MenuStyleManager source code and its respective components are contained in:

MenuStyle.INC MenuStyleManager declarations
MenuStyle.CLW MenuStyleManager method definitions
CWINT.INT MenuStyleManager interface support
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