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EXTRACT( string, attribute [, parameter ] )


EXTRACT Returns the complete form of the specified attribute from the property string symbol.
string The symbol containing the properties to parse.
attribute A string constant or symbol containing the name of the property to return.
parameter An integer constant or symbol containing the number of the property's parameter to return. Zero (0) returns the entire parameter list (without the attribute). If omitted, the attribute and all its parameters are returned.

The EXTRACT procedure returns either the complete form of the specified attribute from the attribute string symbol, or just the specified parameter. This is useful if no built-in symbol exists for the particular attribute you need.

Return Data Type:     STRING


#SET(%MySymbol,EXTRACT(%ControlStatement,'DROPID'))   #!Return DROPID attribute

#SET(%MySymbol,EXTRACT(%ControlStatement,'DROPID',0)) #!Return all DROPID parameters

See Also:     REPLACE

Built-In Template Procedures

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