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The Graph Report Control template is the definitive tool that is designed to solve nearly all of your business printing graphing needs.

Due to the complexity and options needed for this template, a drop list divides the template prompts into four (4) distinct categories:

General Initial values Data Sources Classes


Refresh Automatically

Check this box to direct the templates to generate the appropriate graph refresh each time the window is refreshed, or in reports, each time a record is read. You can also control the refresh of the graph with the appropriate Graph Refresh Button or Code template.


Accessibility determines how much access or control you want to give to the user to control the graphing display. Not available in reports.

Initial Values

Data sources


Many of the ABC Procedure, Control and Extension templates provide a Classes tab or dialog. These local Classes tabs let you control the classes (and objects) your procedure uses to accomplish the template's task'that is, they override the global class settings specified in the Global Properties dialog. You may accept the default Application Builder Class specified in the Global Properties dialog (recommended), or you may specify your own or a third party class to override the default setting. Deriving your own class can give you very fine control over the procedure when the standard Application Builder Class is not precisely what you need.

See Also: Classes Tab

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