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Search single or multiple documents using this dialog, and optionally replace the target search string.

This dialog serves both Find and Replace options. Clicking on the Replace toolbar button adds an additional Replace with: prompt.

Find what:

Enter a valid search string, or select a previous search string from the drop list.

Replace with:

Enter a valid string to replace the target search string.

Look in:

The Look in option sets the range of the current search. You can search in the active open document only, the selected elements of an active document, all open documents, the entire active project or entire solution (where multiple projects are possible). Press the ellipsis button to select an external folder to search.

Include sub-folders

If you are searching in a target folder, check this box to allow the search to cascade into any sub-folders.

Look at these file types:

Enabled if your Look in option is a folder. Enter the file type extensions to search into. Use a semicolon to separate multiple extensions.

Match case and Match whole word

To limit your search click on the check box in front of Match Whole word only or Match Case before clicking on the Find Next button.


Select the type of search to execute. Standard search looks for the exact string in the Find dialog. Regular Expressions searches based on the result of a valid expression entered. Basically, a regular expression is a pattern describing a certain amount of text. Their name comes from the mathematical theory on which they are based. Your regular expressions require the C# syntax.

Wildcards allows the use of wildcard characters in the search string.


Documentation for Regular Expression Elements can be found here:

Regular Expression Language Elements

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