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QuickScan BYTE


The QuickScan property contains a value that tells the BrowseClass whether or not to quickscan when page-loading the browse list queue. Quick scanning only affects file systems that use multi-record buffers. See Database Drivers for more information.

A value of zero (0) disables quick scanning; a non-zero value enables quick scanning. Quick scanning is the normal way to read records for browsing. However, rereading the buffer may provide slightly improved data integrity in some multi-user circumstances at the cost of substantially slower reads.


TheBrowseClass.Fetch method implements the faster reads only during the page-loading process, and only if the QuickScan property is not zero. The BrowseClass.Fetch method SENDs the 'QUICKSCAN=ON' driver string to the applicable files' database drivers with the RelationManager.SetQuickScan method.


The RelationManager.SetQuickScan method does not set the BrowseClass.QuickScan property. However if you set the BrowseClass.QuickScan property to 1, the BrowseClass uses the RelationManager.SetQuickScan method to SEND the QUICKSCAN driver string to the appropriate files.

See Also:     Fetch, RelationManager.SetQuickScan.

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