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Each branch of the Solution Explorer had a set of popup menu items that pertain to that particular area. Many of these items are also available through the IDE Main Menu. Below is a summary of these pop up menu items

The Solution Branch

Build Solution Builds the active solution. The Build Solution option compiles only those project files and components that have changed since the last build.
Rebuild Solution The Rebuild Solution option builds all project files and components irrespective of the changes made to them.
Clean Solution Deletes all files from the target project folders. This action uses an XML based “FileList” that was generated by the first Build activity. If you attempt to clean a solution that has never been built, you will receive a project warning that it could not be cleaned.
Add > New Project Used to add a new project to the existing solution. Opens the IDE New Project dialog
Add > Existing Project Used to add an existing project to the Solution tree. Opens a filtered File Dialog window with valid projects displayed. Valid project may be in current MSBuild format, or legacy project files used in prior version of Clarion.
Add > Item Used to add any item to the current Solution tree. Opens a generic File Dialog window listing all files.
Add > New Solution Folder Used to add a new folder to the current solution. Examples of Items stored in this folder might be documentation or other references that are not directly a part of the Build process.
Paste Used to Paste other Projects to the target Solution
Rename Used to rename the current Solution. You can make your solution more descriptive if needed.
Properties Opens the Properties Pad. In the Solution branch, this list is empty.
Edit Project Dependencies Opens the Project Dependency Editor, which allows you to add and remove project dependencies.

The Project Branch

Every solution must have at least one project branch. In the case of multi-DLL projects, there is usually more than one.

Build/Rebuild/Clean Similar in function to the Solution options discussed above, but focuses only on the current project selected.
Add > New Item Opens the Add File dialog, where you can add a Program MEMBER, a main PROGRAM or Stand Alone MEMBER file.
Add > Existing Item Used to add existing files to the target project
Add > File Driver Opens the Select File Drivers to include' dialog, where you can add new File Driver libraries to the active project.
Add > Libraries, Objects and Resources Opens the File Dialog window, where you can add any file, including Library and Object Files, Icon Files, Cursor Files, Image, Manifest, and Version Resource files.
Add > Referenced Projects Opens the Add Reference dialog, used to add additional projects that are referenced by the selected project. This feature is essential for multi-DLL projects to resolve the project references.
Run Project Runs the active project, if applicable. Target must be an executable.
Debug Project Runs the active project in Debug mode, if applicable. Target must be an executable. Invokes the Clarion Win32 Debugger.
Set as StartUp Project Sets the project as the one the IDE will execute when you click the Run button. Your solution may have more then one target executable project.
Remove Removes the selected project from the active solution
Open File using Redirection File Using the active redirection file (set by the active version), enter a file name to load (open).
Edit Redirection File Opens the current redirection file that is referenced by the active product version setting.
Create Redirection File in the project directory Create a new local copy of the version redirection file in the project directory. Commonly known as a local RED file.
Properties Opens the Project Options dialog

File Drivers

Add File Driver Opens the Select File Drivers to include' dialog
Remove Used to remove any file driver in the project that is not needed.

Libraries, Objects and Resources

There is only a single option here to Add additional libraries, objects or other resources as needed

Projects to include

There is only a single option here to Add additional projects elements as needed.

Referenced Projects

There is a single option to open the Add Reference dialog, in which you can multi select and add multiple projects in one session. All references are automatically resolved by the Project System.

Source File Branch

There are usually multiple source files displayed for each project. For each file displayed, right click for the following popup options.

Open Opens the selected file into the IDE Source Editor. You can also double-click on the source file to open it.
Add Displays the same sub-menu as the Add menu for the Project Branch. Items added here are added to the entire Project.
Exclude from Project Excludes the selected file from the Build process.
Rename/Delete Rename or permanently delete the selected source file
Properties Open the Properties Pad with pertinent project information regarding the selected source file.
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