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MODULE Names a MEMBER module or external library file.
sourcefile A string constant which contains the filename of the Clarion language source code file containing the definitions of the PROCEDUREs. If the sourcefile is an external library, this string may contain any unique identifier.
prototype The prototype of a PROCEDURE whose definition is contained in the sourcefile.

A MODULE structure names a Clarion language MEMBER module or an external library file and contains the prototypes for the PROCEDUREs contained in the sourcefile. A MODULE structure can only be declared within a MAP structure and is valid for use in any MAP structure, whether that MAP is in a PROGRAM module or MEMBER module.


!The “sample.clw” file contains:

PROGRAM               !Sample program in sample.clw

MAP                   !Begin map declaration

MODULE('Loadit')     ! source module loadit.clw

LoadIt PROCEDURE       ! LoadIt procedure

END                  ! end module

MODULE('Compute')    ! source module compute.clw

ComputeIt PROCEDURE    ! compute it procedure

END                  ! end module

END                   !End map

!The “loadit.clw” file contains:

MEMBER('Sample')      !Declare MEMBER module

MAP                   !Begin local map declaration

MODULE('Process')    ! source module process.cla

ProcessIt PROCEDURE    !  process it procedure

END                  ! end module

END                   !End map

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