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LINEWIDTH( width )


LINEWIDTH Specifies the LINE control and BOX and ELLIPSE border thickness.
width A positive integer constant specifying the thickness in pixels (in WINDOW structures). For REPORT structures, the thickness is based on the report's unit of measurement.

The LINEWIDTH attribute (PROP:LINEWIDTH) specifies the thickness of the LINE control and the BOX and ELLIPSE controls' border. This attribute is valid in Clarion Win32 Windows, and also for REPORT structures in both Clarion Win32 and Clarion#.


CustRpt REPORT,AT(1000,1000,6500,9000),THOUS

Detail   DETAIL,AT(0,0,6500,1000),USE(?DetailOne)

        LINE,AT(105,78,-49,0),USE(?Line1),LINEWIDTH(10)!10 thous of an inch

         BOX,AT(182,27,50,50),USE(?Box1),LINEWIDTH(3)  !Box with 3 thous inch border




window WINDOW('Caption'),AT(,,260,100),GRAY

       LINE,AT(105,78,-49,0),USE(?Line1),LINEWIDTH(3)  !3 pixel line

       BOX,AT(182,27,50,50),USE(?Box1),LINEWIDTH(3)    !Box with 3 pixel border


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