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Choose from the following options:

Show file extensions in the project scout

This option is not applicable in Clarion Win32.

Select your preferred ambience

The Ambience type you select will be used in the quick class browser (the combo boxes located above the text editor) and for the tooltips and code-completion.

Select the Clarion or Clarion# ambience to display the tooltips in Clarion syntax.

Prefer project's ambience if possible

Check this option to allow the IDE to switch an ambience based on the language of the project you currently have active.

Show status bar

Check this option to show the standard status bar in the IDE.

Show tool bar

Check this option to show the IDE tool bar. If not active, all of the options you need are contained in the IDE menu.

Use office styled menus and toolbars

Check this option to enable the dropdown to choose a color theme for the menu and toolbar. You can select from the following pre-defined themes:









or you can customize any of the pre-defined themes or define a new theme using the Appearance Editor.

see also Appearance Editor

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