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GetEndColor( MenuPart ), LONG

MenuPart A BYTE value representing a specific area of the menu. There are a series of internal equates available to easily identify these elements:
MenuBrushes:NormalBkgnd EQUATE(1) !Normal Background
MenuBrushes:SelectedBkgnd EQUATE(2) !Selected Background
MenuBrushes:HotBkgnd EQUATE(3) !Hot Background
MenuBrushes:ImageBkgnd EQUATE(4) !Image Background
MenuBrushes:NormalBarBkgnd EQUATE(5) !Normal Select Bar Background
MenuBrushes:SelectedBarBkgnd EQUATE(6) !Selected Bar Background
MenuBrushes:GrayBrush EQUATE(7) !Gray Brush
MenuBrushes:FrameBrush EQUATE(8) !Frame Brush


The GetEndColor method is used to retrieve the ending color of any MenuPart. The ending color represents the finishing color of any menu gradient, and is represented by a LONG integer.


This method is used by the SetVerticalGradient method to determine the ending color of the specific vertical color gradient to apply.

Return Data Type:     LONG

See Also:   SetVerticalGradient ( set vertical color gradient )

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