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This template (and its associated code templates) has been deprecated, and is now replaced by the RTF Text Control template.

The FontStyleRTF code template is used to set the current font style. The style of a font represents the strike weight and style of the font. This template calls the ChangeFontStyle method. The parameter passed to this method represents the new font style.


ChangeFontStyle( FontStyle )

Example method calls:

oRTF_RTFTextBox.ChangeFontStyle( FONT:Italic ) !Font Style

oRTF_RTFTextBox.ChangeFontStyle( loc:fontstyle ) !Variable Font Style

Template Prompts:

Associated RTF control

Select the RTF control from the drop-down list. All controls on the Window are included in the list. This field in required.

Font style or variable

Specify the font style to use. A string or variable may be used. To use a variable, precede it with an exclamation point (!).

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