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#EMPTYEMBED( text [, condition ] )


#EMPTYEMBED Generates comments into empty embed points.
text A string constant or constant expression containing the text to place in the empty embed point.
condition An expression that, when true, allows the comments to generate.

The #EMPTYEMBED statement specifies that comments generate into all embed points in which the user has not entered code. This will not generate comments for embed points in which the user has entered code or in which the templates have generated code.

The output condition is usually the value of a global prompt.

The comment text may use the %EmbedID, %EmbedDescription, and %EmbedParameters built-in symbols to identify the embed point:

%EmbedID The current embed point's identifying symbol.
%EmbedDescription The current embed point's description.
%EmbedParameters The current embed point's current instance, as a comma-delimited list.


#! This example is complete extension template, ready to use

#EXTENSION(EmptyEmbeds,'Empty Embed Comments'),APPLICATION

#PROMPT('Generate Empty EMBED Comments',CHECK),%EmptyEmbeds

#EMPTYEMBED('!Embed: ' & %EmbedDescription & ' ' & %EmbedParameters,%EmptyEmbeds)


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