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The Communications support for sending emails and SMS is done through ClarunExt.dll (located in the BIN folder).  If you use the Communications templates, or call any of the Procedures located in in hand code, your program will have a runtime dependency on ClarunExt.dll.

* ClarunExt.dll is loaded dynamically at runtime, and it depends on the 2013 x86 Microsoft C Runtime Library and the .Net 4.5 Framework.

There are several ways to install the MS C Runtime;

·use ClarunExtSetup.exe (its located in the Clarion\Bin folder)

·if using SetupBuilder to create the install for your App then use the “Core PreRequisites” dialog to add the MS VC runtime.

·download the Microsoft installer (vcredist_x86.exe)

Note that the Report to PDF template can also optionally use some of the functions in Clarunext.dll so the same requirements apply.

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