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#WINDOWS Begins a default window data structure section.
structures Default APPLICATION or WINDOW structures.
#ENDWINDOWS Terminates the default window section.

The #WINDOWS structure contains default APPLICATION or WINDOW data structures for a procedure Template. The default window structures provide a starting point for the procedure's window design.

The #WINDOWS section may contain multiple structures which may be chosen as the starting point for the procedure's window design. If there is more than one window structure to choose from, the Application Generator displays a list of those structures available the first time the procedure's window is editted. The names of the windows which appear in the Application Generator's list comes from a preceding comment beginning with two exclamations and a right angle bracket (!!>).

If the procedure template contains a #DEFAULT procedure, there is no need for #WINDOWS, since the default window is already in the #DEFAULT. Therefore, the list does not appear when the window is first edited.



!!> Window

Label  WINDOW('Caption'),AT(0,0,100,100)


!!> Window with OK & Cancel

Label  WINDOW('Caption'),AT(0,1,185,92)





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