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Attribute Property Equates

ABSOLUTE (set fixed-position printing)

ALONE (set to print without page header, footer, or form)

ALRT (set window "hot" keys)

ANGLE (set control display or print angle)

AT (set position and size)

AUTO (set USE variable automatic re-display)

AUTOSIZE (set OLE object resizing)

AVE (set report total average)

BEVEL (set 3-D effect border)

BOXED (set controls group border)

CAP, UPR (set case)

CENTER (set centered window position)

CENTERED (set centered image)

CHECK (set on/off ITEM)

CLIP (set OLE object clipping)

CNT (set total count)

COLOR (set color)

COLUMN (set list box highlight bar)

COMPATIBILITY (set OLE control compatibility)

CREATE (create OLE control object)

CURSOR (set mouse cursor type)

DEFAULT (set enter key button)

DELAY (set repeat button delay)

DISABLE (set control dimmed at open)

DOCK (set dockable toolbox window)

DOCKED (set dockable toolbox window docked at open)

DOCUMENT (create OLE control object from file)

DOUBLE, NOFRAME, RESIZE (set window border)

DRAGID (set drag-and-drop host signatures)

DROP (set list box behavior)

DROPID (set drag-and-drop target signatures)

FILL (set fill color)

FIRST, LAST (set MENU or ITEM position)

FLAT (set flat buttons)

FONT (set default font)

FORMAT (set LIST or COMBO layout)

FROM (set listbox data source)

FULL (set full-screen)

GRAY (set 3-D look background)

GRID (set list grid-line display color)

HIDE (set control hidden)

HLP (set on-line help identifier)

HSCROLL, VSCROLL, HVSCROLL (set scroll bars)

ICON (set icon)

ICONIZE (set window open as icon)

IMM (set immediate event notification)

INS, OVR (set typing mode)

JOIN (set joined TAB scroll buttons)

KEY (set execution keycode)

LANDSCAPE (set page orientation)

LEFT, RIGHT, ABOVE, BELOW (set TAB position)

LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER, DECIMAL (set justification)

LINEWIDTH (set line thickness)

LINK (create OLE control link to object from file)

MARK (set multiple selection mode)

MASK (set pattern editing data entry)

MAX (set maximize control or total maximum)

MAXIMIZE (set window open maximized)

MDI (set MDI child window)

MIN (set total minimum)

MODAL (set system modal window)

MSG (set status bar message)

NOBAR (set no highlight bar)

NOCASE (case insensitive report BREAK)

NOMERGE (set merging behavior)

NOSHEET (set "floating" TABs)

OPEN (open OLE control object from file)

PAGE (set page total reset)

PAGEAFTER (set page break after)

PAGEBEFORE (set page break first)

PAGENO (set page number print)

PALETTE (set number of hardware colors)

PAPER (set report paper size)

PASSWORD (set data non-display)

PREVIEW (set report output to metafiles)

RANGE (set range limits)

READONLY (set display-only)

REPEAT (set repeat button rate)

REQ (set required entry)

RESET (set total reset)

RESIZE (set variable height TEXT control)

RIGHT (set MENU position)

ROUND (set round-cornered BOX)

SCROLL (set scrolling control)

SEPARATOR (set separator line ITEM)

SINGLE (set TEXT for single line entry)

SKIP (set Tab key skip or conditional print control)

SPREAD (set evenly spaced TAB controls)

STATUS (set status bar)

STD (set standard behavior)

STEP (set SPIN increment)

STRETCH (set OLE object stretching)

SUM (set total)

SYSTEM (set system menu)

TALLY (set total calculation times)

THOUS, MM, POINTS (set report coordinate measure)

TILED (set tiled image)

TIMER (set periodic event)

TIP (set "balloon help" text)

TOGETHER (set to print on a single page)

TOOLBOX (set toolbox window behavior)

TRN (set transparent control)

UP, DOWN (set TAB text orientation)

USE (set field equate label or control update variable)

VALUE (set RADIO or CHECK control USE variable assignment)

VCR (set VCR control)

WALLPAPER (set background image)

WITHNEXT (set widow elimination)

WITHPRIOR (set orphan elimination)

WIZARD (set "tabless" SHEET control)

ZOOM (set OLE object zooming)

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