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UpdateQuery( querymanager, [casesensitive])


UpdateQuery Defines a default query interface for the BrowseClass object.
querymanager The label of the BrowseClass object's QueryClass object. See QueryClass for more information.
casesensitive A numeric constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that indicates the case sensitivity of the query expression. If this parameter is omitted the query is case insensitive.

The UpdateQuery method defines a default query interface (dialog) for the BrowseClass object.


You may use the UpdateQuery method in combination with the QueryClass.AddItem method to define a query interface that contains the displayed fields plus other queryable items.


The UpdateQuery method sets the value of the Query property, then calls the QueryClass.AddItem method for each displayed field, so that each displayed field accepts filter criteria in the query dialog.


QueryForm  QueryFormClass

QueryVis   QueryFormVisual

BRW1       CLASS(BrowseClass)

Q           &CusQ


CusWindow.Init PROCEDURE()


!open files, views, window, etc.

IF DefaultQuery



 BRW1.Query &= QueryForm





RETURN Level:Benign

See Also:     Query, QueryClass.AddItem

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