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The settings here control the appearance of the Process template procedure generated by the Process Wizard. These settings can also be saved for use in other future applications.

Procedure Name

Enter a name that the Process Wizard will use to generate as a procedure name in your application. The template macro symbol, %FileName, is required, and extracts the Dictionary file name for each file used by the wizard. You can modify this line with other template macros and text if you wish. No spaces are allowed in procedure names. This name is used for files that have no keys defined

Proc. “With Key” Name

This prompt is similar to Procedure Name, but is used for designated files that have a key (or keys) defined in the Dictionary Editor.

Progress Window


Text that is entered on this line will be used as the description of the window used by the Process Wizard.


Enter a default image here to use as a graphic or watermark for your Process window.


If you have designated a background image to use for your Process window, this option becomes available to control if the image is Tiled, Stretched, or Centered.


Enter a default icon, or press the ellipsis button to select an icon file for use in your Process procedure's window. This will allow your Form window to be minimized if needed.


Press the Font button to select a default font to use for the Process window and controls. Sample text shown below the button is provided to allow you to review your selection.


Select from the drop list to designate the initial Width, Height , and Position of your Process window. You can optionally center the window, or use the default position that is set by the template wizard.



Pct Text (Percentage control)TPLWizardControlCustomization

User String (user defined message)TPLWizardControlCustomization

Cancel ButtonButton_Customization

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