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This wizard creates a process procedure from an existing dictionary file definition.

After the introduction screen, you are presented with the following options:

Theme Selection:

Theme Select from the drop list of themes. Themes are groups of settings that control colors, fonts, icons, backgrounds, positions and much more - for Frame, Browse, Form and Report procedures. You will have the opportunity to create a new theme as you progress through the wizard. Select a starting or default theme here.
Save Settings After you have selected a theme, you have the option to save these settings for any future applications that you create.

What name should be used as the label of the Process procedure?

Type the procedure name.

Which file do you want to process?

Press the ellipsis (…) button to select a file from the dictionary.

A process can use a single record key, or can run in record order. Enter a key below, or leave the field blank to run in record order.

Press the ellipsis (…) button to select a sort key. Leave the field blank to specify no sort key.


Wizards have different “look and feel” settings and actions called themes, which can be modified and saved for use in other applications. Themes are set and controlled by a variety of customization options.

Press the Next button to accept the selected theme's settings, or press one of the customization buttons to modify them at this time.

Process CustomizationTPLWizardProcessCustomization

Overwrite existing procedures

Check this box to overwrite existing procedures with the same names. Clear the box to preserve existing procedures.

On the last dialog, the Finish button is enabled. If you are satisfied with your answers, press the Finish button. You also have the option here to Save Changes, where any changes to customization options are saved to the theme that you selected at the start of the wizard. If you wish, you can opt to Save to a new theme.

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