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The LookupNonRelatedRecord template is used to perform a lookup of a value based on a relationship, whether it is or is not defined in the data dictionary (Ad hoc relation). You can add this Code template to the Lookup Up Related Records embed point.

Lookup Key Type in the key name or press the ellipsis (…) button to select the key from the Select Key dialog.
The lookup key is used to perform the lookup into the lookup file. This must be a unique key. If the key is a multi-component key, the other key elements must be primed before executing this Code template.
Lookup Field Type in the field name or press the ellipsis (…) button to select the field from the Component list.
The Lookup Field must be a component of the Lookup Key. This is the unique value within the lookup file.
Related Field Type in the related field or press the ellipsis (…) button to select it from the Select Column dialog.
The Related Field provides the unique value used to perform the lookup.

This template generates code similar to the following:

ST:StateCode = CUST:State       ! Move value for lookup

Access:State.Fetch(ST:ByCode)   ! Get value from file

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