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This template is available for any procedure that uses the ABC Save Button control template. It is used to override the application's default transaction frame support for any RI operations referenced in the target procedure.

The following template prompts are provided:

Include Children in the transaction?

The primary table named by the Save Button control template will always be included in a transaction frame on any update operation. This option allows you to specify if you want to include any children related to the primary table. Select Always if you want to include all child tables in all update operations. Select Only on Delete and Change to include the child tables in the transaction frame only during those specific update operations. Select Never if you want to exclude all related child tables from all database operations on the primary table.

List of tables included in the transaction

This list box allows you to include other tables that are not default child tables specifically related to the Save Button control template's primary table. An example of this may be a “history” table that periodically gets updated under user control. Pressing the Insert or Properties button displays the following additional prompts:


Enter the label name of a table that you wish to include in the transaction frame, or press the ellipsis to select a table from the subsequent Select Table dialog.

Include Children in the transaction?

The options shown here are described in detail in the prompt documented above.

Classes Tab

Provides the standard template class interface. By default the supporting TransactionManager object generated by the template is named Transaction.

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