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The Used Global Rules dialog window provide a list of Global Business Rule sets (bases) that you have previously defined in the Business Rules Global Extension.

Select a rulebase name from the list, and press the Properties button. The following prompts are available:

Disable this rule?

Check this box to disable the selected global rulebase from the active procedure. Rules that are disabled will not have an icon in the list that identifies them as selected.

Override Display Indicator?

Check this box to override the rulebase display indicator that was defined in the Global Business Rules template

Display an error indicator when a rule is broken

Check this box to display an error indicator (message) when the specific rule is broken (fails).

Use default control if found?

Check this box to use a default control on the window that equates to the current rule defined. If a default control is not found, you can uncheck this box and select one from the subsequent drop list.

Default distance from right

Enter a number in pixels that will separate the error indicator image from the specific rule description.

Controls Button

Press the Controls button to open a dialog window used to identify a set of generic controls (identified by Field Equate Labels) which will be enabled or unhidden when the rule is evaluated to “True”, or disabled or hidden when the rule is evaluated to “False”.

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