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HTML String settings are used to set defaults for HTML text standards. Global Settings apply to all reports, but you can always override them at the individual procedure level.

Your HTML document can output multiple pages based on the PAGE size and details of the report. Navigation is built into the templates to move from page to page.

The following text prompts are provided:

For each prompt, you can enter string text, or use a variable by using the !stringvariablename format.

Text entered in the following prompts:

First Page  Identifies a link to your HTML document's first page.

Last Page  Identifies a link to your HTML document's last page.

Prior Page  Identifies a link to your HTML document's prior page.

Next Page  Identifies a link to your HTML document's next page.

No Page Selected Identifies that an HTML page could not be found.

Page Prefix  Identifies a prefix to use with default HTML page numbers.

Go Link  Identifies a link to a default home page that you specify.

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