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This extension template adds to the functionality of a procedure template, allowing you to display the time and/or date in the status bar, or a control.

The prompts for this template are accessible through the Procedure Properties dialog of a template that includes this extension. A Date and Time Display button appears in the dialog of the procedure template.

The options that appear in the Date and Time Display dialog are divided into two group boxes, Date Display and Time Display:

Display in Window

Check the box or boxes to add the date or time display to your window.

Date/Time Picture

Choose a date and/or time display picture from the drop down list. The list displays examples, such as “October 31, 1959,” and “5:30P.M.”

Other Date/Time Picture

Type in a picture of your choice, if the picture type you wish does not appear in the list. See Also: Date Picture Tokens.or Time Picture Tokens

Show the day of the week before the date

(Date only) Optionally displays the day of week.

Location of Date/Time display

Choose between displaying the date and/or time on the status bar, or in a control.

Status Bar Section

When specifying the Date or Time should appear on the status bar, specify the status bar section.

Date/Time Display Control

When specifying the Date or Time should appear in a control, choose the control from a drop down list of field equate labels for the window.

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