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(ABC Template Chain Only)

This extension template is used to include the CleanCloseDown( ) procedure prototype that can be used in any procedure to cleanly close down your application.


This template also requires the global FrameExtension Template

A clean closedown is defined as the proper and automatic shutdown of any application, regardless of the state of the application. For example, if a user leaves the office with an application running, and a form procedure is open, the CleanCloseDown procedure, when called on a timer event, can shut down the application without user intervention.

This global extension automatically includes a local extension for every procedure in your application that incorporates a WINDOW structure.

To use this template, simply call the CleanCloseDown() procedure from any embed point. Normally this would be from a TIMER event on any window.

The CleanCloseDown( ) procedure is simple, and takes advantage of the proper method to close down a program in a multi-threaded environment with the proper use of the NOTIFY language statement:

CleanCloseDown PROCEDURE()



GLO:CleanCloseDown = True



When using this template in your application, the following global variables are internally defined:


GLO:CleanCloseDown           BYTE(0)

GLO:CleanCloseDownMainThread LONG

The only template prompt available is the ability to Disable Clean Close Down when testing its compatibility with other third-party templates.


In multi-DLL applications, you will also need to include the global extension in any DLL target application that will need to use the CleanCloseDown procedure.

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