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The BrowsePublishButton template provides a Publish button to generate the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to display records from a BrowseBox queue. In other words, use this template to publish your BrowseBox information to an Internet Web page!


The BrowsePublishButton template is only available in the Clarion template chain and cannot be used with the ABC Templates.

The resulting Web page displays a headline that you specify, plus the headers from your list box. The Web page formats the list box data using the picture tokens specified in the list box.

At runtime, the user may specify the filename for the generated HTML. Also, the user has the option to publish all the items in the BrowseBox queue or just the items currently displayed on the screen.

The BrowsePublishButton template provides the following prompts:

Use variable for HTML name

Check this box to specify the HTML file with a variable. This enables the Variable HTML filename field to name the variable, and disables the Default HTML Name field.

Default HTML Name

Specifies the default filename for the HTML code or the variable that contains the HTML filename. Press the ellipsis (…) button to select the file from the standard Open File dialog, or to select or define a data dictionary column or memory variable from the Select Field dialog.

If you don't specify a full path, your procedure writes the file to the current directory. At runtime, the user may specify a different file and path name.

HTML Title

Specifies the title for your HTML document. The title appears in the Web browser's caption when it displays the document.

Table Heading

Specifies headline that displays at the top of the Web page.

Background Graphic

Specifies a graphic image that displays “behind” the queue items. Note, most Web Browsers support graphic images, however, some older versions do not.

Use Grid Lines

Check this box to display the queue items within a rectangular grid. Note, most Web Browsers support grid lines, however, some older versions do not.

Grid Line Width

Specifies the thickness of the border defining the grid.

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