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The BrowsePrintButton template provides a Print button to call a procedure with the ProcessRecord request (see Procedure Templates–Inter-Procedure Communication for more information).

Print All Items

If you use the BrowsePrintButton to call a simple Report procedure, the report prints as usual, applying any design-time keys, sort orders, range-limits, and filters.

Print the Selected Item

If you use the BrowsePrintButton to call a Report procedure with the ExtendProgressWindow extension template (set to Single record), the report reacts to the ProcessRecord request and processes only the selected BrowseBox item. See Other Templates–ExtendProgressWindow for more information.


This option works by using a current-value limit on the report key. Therefore, if you have a non-unique key you can print multiple items–for example, all customers named Smith.

The BrowsePrintButton template provides the following prompts:

Procedure name

Type the name of a procedure to call or select a procedure from the drop-down list.

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