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The BrowseNoRecords button control template provides a standard button that is only available (enabled) when there are records in the target Browse Box control.

If there are no records in the Browse Box control, the button is disabled or hidden.

A popular use for this type of control is a report or process that is called, using the record highlighted in the Browse Box control as a filter criteria, or parent record. Another use of this type of control could be to modify the contents of the Browse Box (marking records, moving them, etc.)

After the button's actions are performed, the browse box can optionally be refreshed.

The BrowseNoRecords button template provides the following prompts:

Select from popup

Check this box to add the button control to the Browse Box popup menu. The text of the button is used as the popup menu item text.

When no Records

Select Disable or Hide to designate how you would like the button to be displayed when there are no records in the Browse Box control.

Refresh Window After Action?

Check this box to force a window refresh after the button's actions are completed. In the ABC chain, this will generate “ThisWindow.Reset(True)”. In the Clarion template chain, this will generate “ForceRefresh = TRUE;DO RefreshWindow”.

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