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TakeVCRScroll( [vcrevent] ), VIRTUAL


TakeVCRScroll Processes a VCR scroll event for the browse list.
vcrevent An integer constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that specifies the scroll event. Valid scroll events are up one item, down one item, up one page, down one page, up to the first item, and down to the last item. If omitted, no scrolling occurs.

The TakeVCRSroll method processes a VCR scroll event for the browse


A vcrevent value of VCR:Forward scrolls down one item; VCR:Backward scrolls up one item; VCR:PageForward scrolls down one page; VCR:PageBackward scrolls up one page; VCR:Last scrolls to the last list item; VCR:First scrolls to the first list item. Corresponding vcrevent EQUATEs are declared in \LIBSRC\ABTOOLBA.INC.


Forward      EQUATE(Toolbar:Down)

Backward     EQUATE(Toolbar:Up)

PageForward  EQUATE(Toolbar:PageDown)

PageBackward EQUATE(Toolbar:PageUp)

First        EQUATE(Toolbar:Top)

Last         EQUATE(Toolbar:Bottom)

Insert       EQUATE(Toolbar:Insert)

None         EQUATE(0)


The TakeVCRScroll method calls the TakeScroll method, translating the vcrevent to the appropriate scrollevent.


LOOP                       !process repeated scroll events

 IF VCRRequest = VCR:None  !if no more events

  BREAK                    !break out of loop

 ELSE                      !if scroll event

  MyBrowse.TakeVCRScroll( VCRRequest ) !BrowseClass object handles it



See Also:     TakeScroll

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