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TAB( text )[,USE()] [,DISABLE] [,LAYOUT( )] [,KEY()] [,MSG()] [,HLP()] [,REQ] [DROPID()] [,TIP()]

[,COLOR()] [,FONT()][,HIDE]


TAB Declares a group of controls that constitute one of the multiple “pages” of controls contained within a SHEET structure.
text A string constant containing the text to display on the TAB (PROP:Text).
USE Specifies a field equate label to reference the control in executable code (PROP:USE).
DISABLE Specifies the control appears dimmed when the WINDOW or APPLICATION is first opened (PROP:DISABLE).
LAYOUT Specifies the control's left-to-right or right-to-left display orientation (PROP:LAYOUT)
KEY Specifies an integer constant or keycode equate that immediately gives focus to the control (PROP:KEY).
MSG Specifies a string constant containing the default text to display in the status bar when any control in the TAB has focus (PROP:MSG).
HLP Specifies a string constant containing the default help system identifier for any control in the TAB (PROP:HLP).
REQ Specifies that when another TAB is selected, the runtime library automatically checks all ENTRY controls in the same TAB structure with the REQ attribute to ensure they contain data other than blanks or zeroes (PROP:REQ).
DROPID Specifies the control may serve as a drop target for drag-and-drop actions (PROP:DROPID).
TIP Specifies the text that displays as “balloon help” when the mouse cursor pauses over the control (PROP:ToolTip).
COLOR Specifies a background color for the control and the default for all controls on the TAB (PROP:COLOR).
FONT Specifies the font used to display the text on the tab (PROP:FONT). This does not affect the controls placed in the TAB.
HIDE Specifies the control does not appear when the WINDOW or APPLICATION is first opened (PROP:HIDE). UNHIDE must be used to display it.
controls Multiple control declarations.

The TAB structure declares a group of controls that constitute one of the multiple “pages” of controls contained within a SHEET structure (not valid in a REPORT). The multiple TAB controls in the SHEET structure define the “pages” displayed to the user. The SHEET structure's USE attribute receives the text of the TAB control selected by the user.

Input focus changes between the SHEET's TAB controls are signalled only to the SHEET control affected. This means the events generated when the user changes input focus within a SHEET structure are field-specific events for the SHEET control, and the individual TAB controls do not generate events.


MDIChild WINDOW('Child One'),AT(0,0,320,200),MDI,MAX,HVSCROLL


      TAB('Tab One'),USE(?TabOne)

       OPTION('Option 1'),USE(OptVar1),KEY(F10Key),HLP('Option1Help')

        RADIO('Radio 1'),AT(20,0,20,20),USE(?R1)

        RADIO('Radio 2'),AT(40,0,20,20),USE(?R2)


       OPTION('Option 2'),USE(OptVar2),MSG('Option 2')

        RADIO('Radio 3'),AT(60,0,20,20),USE(?R3)

        RADIO('Radio 4'),AT(80,0,20,20),USE(?R4)


       PROMPT('Enter Data:'),AT(100,100,20,20),USE(?P1)


       PROMPT('Enter More Data:'),AT(100,200,20,20),USE(?P2)



      TAB('Tab Two'),USE(?TabTwo)

       OPTION('Option 3'),USE(OptVar3)

        RADIO('Radio 1'),AT(20,0,20,20),USE(?R5)

        RADIO('Radio 2'),AT(40,0,20,20),USE(?R6)


       OPTION('Option 4'),USE(OptVar4)

        RADIO('Radio 3'),AT(60,0,20,20),USE(?R7)

        RADIO('Radio 4'),AT(80,0,20,20),USE(?R8)


       PROMPT('Enter Data:'),AT(100,100,20,20),USE(?P3)


       PROMPT('Enter More Data:'),AT(100,200,20,20),USE(?P4)







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