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%Module The names of all source code modules other than the PROGRAM module. Multi-valued
%ModuleDescription Contains the description of the module.
%ModuleLanguage Contains the module target language.
%ModuleTemplate The name of the Module Template used to generate the module.
%ModuleChanged Contains 1 if anything in the module has changed since the last source generation.
%ModuleExternal Contains 1 if the module is external. (not generated by Clarion for Windows).
%ModuleReadOnly Contains 1 if the module is read only.
%ModuleExtension The file extension for the module.
%ModuleBase The name of the module (without extension).
%ModuleInclude The file to INCLUDE in the program MAP containing the module's prototypes.
%ModuleProcedure The names of all procedures in the module. Multi-valued.
%ModuleData The labels of all module variable declarations made through the Data button on the Module Properties window. Multi-valued.
%ModuleDataID Same as %ModuleData
%ModuleDataFull Returns full identifiers of variables or fields. For fields inside compound structures with prefixes %ModuleDataFull return prefixed field identifiers.
%ModuleDataStatement The variable's declaration statement (data type and all attributes). Dependent on %ModuleData.
%ModuleDataUserOptions A string containing the entries the user made in the User Options text box on the Options tab for the variable. Dependent on %ModuleData.
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